Atomsmith® Classroom Online Educational Service Acceptable Use Policy: Commercial Use Supplement ("AUP-C")

Policy Effective Date: 1 August 2022

If you are a User of the Service for Commercial Use, this AUP-C refers to you. Bitwixt Software Systems LLC ("Provider") grants you use of the Service for Commercial Use if and only if you purchased a Commercial Use Account to enroll in the Service.

"Commercial Use" refers to your use of the Service for the purpose of earning monetary reward, generating profit or receiving any form of remuneration, and includes what may be other forms of exploitation of the Service such as (but not limited to) on blogs, on YouTube channels or other online sharing and social media sites, and in textbooks or other learning materials (whether you are the Customer, the User or the User for a third party).

This AUP-C outlines what Provider considers acceptable (and unacceptable) Commercial Use. Feel free to email with questions.

Provider grants you Commercial Use of the Service with the following understanding:

  1. You acknowledge and agree that neither you, nor any third party nor any institution with which you are affiliated, currently develop, or plan to develop, educational physical science services or related services similar to those of Provider;
  2. You acknowledge and agree that all copied and/or recorded materials used for a Commercial Use purpose (including but not limited to models, screen-shots, screencasts, videos, text, printouts) that contain images or results (including still images and animations) from or derived from the Service, must contain an acknowledgement in the following form:

    This [model, image, animation, screencast, video, ...] was produced using the Atomsmith® Classroom Online Educational Service, which is developed by and the intellectual property of Bitwixt Software Systems LLC ( and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission from Bitwixt Software Systems LLC;

  3. You acknowledge and agree that if your Commercial Use Account enrollment should expire, the disposition of any materials from or derived from the Service shall be determined by the terms of a Commercial Use Account agreement, as written by Provider and as agreed to by you.

  4. You acknowledge and agree that if your Commercial Use Account enrollment should be terminated by Provider for violation of the TOS, AUP, or AUP-C, or for no reason, you will immediately remove from Commercial Use and destroy any copied, recorded and/or shared materials from or derived from the Service;

  5. You acknowledge and agree that any violation of the above understandings constitutes unacceptable use and is a violation of copyright law and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Provider reserves the right, but is not obligated, to remove and/or to request the removal of any Commercial Use User content for any reason or for no reason, including Commercial Use User content that Provider believes violates this AUP-C, its AUP or its TOS. Provider may also permanently or temporarily terminate or suspend a Commercial Use Account without notice and liability for any reason, including if, in Provider’s sole determination, a Commercial Use User violates any provision of this AUP-C, its AUP or its TOS, or for no reason.

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